Although it is quite difficult to pinpoint exactly where my ideas usually come from, I see that as time progresses and I gain more and more experience as a composer and artist I have the tendency to be inspired by broader and broader spectrum of music and art in general, not necessarily related to so-called western tradition classical music or art. I also very often find inspiring the achievements of the human mind and scientific discoveries.

I believe that time in music, as in life, is relative. One of the objectives I create for myself when composing is to successfully manipulate and control the listener's perception of the passage of time. Most often, I am trying to create the impression that the composition is shorter then its actual duration. This effect is achieved by generating musical processes with a strong sense of direction. An example of this can be heard in the third movement of my Changing Lanes, for string quartet and electronics.

Form is always a starting point for my compositions. Before I start to write, I usually create a detailed plan/graph of the piece. The music, however, often takes on a life of its own and, therefore, I am not unwilling to deviate from my original plan. The form of my music is usually a combination of musical and extra-musical inspirations and it usually emerges out of the elements the music itself contains.

Electronic music
In my electronic pieces I am particularly interested in using space as a compositional element as well as in studying the very nature of sound in its various shapes and colors. The most inspiring idea for me is that any imagined timbre can be created with the usage of new technology. In my pieces that involve both live instruments and electronics, I am trying to create an idiosyncratic relationship between these two musical forces.

Music and other forms of arts
As a composer and artist I am fascinated by the relationship between music and sound and other forms of artistic expression. I myself am often working in and am very open to collaborating with artists working in other mediums, such as video, dance, robotics and other performance arts.