Recent News:

    March 2016:
    Spin for symphony orchestra and live electronics wasc performed at the
    7th Festival Prawykonan in Katowice, Poland by Polish National Radio
    Symphony Orchestra
    conducted by Jose Maria Florencio

    November 2016:
    Bouncing , an audio visual installation with Kinect controller created in collaboration
    with Zach Thomas has been presented at the 2017 Difrazzioni Festival in Florence, Italy

    ZMW Bytom (Krzysztof Wołek, Dominik Strycharski and Sebastian Smolyn)
    performed an improv set at the 2017 Audio Art Festival in Krakow, Poland

    Krzysztof Wolek performed Zero Gained for no input mixer
    at the 2016 University of Louisville New Music Festival in Louisville, KY